OKVIP corporate culture | The Leader’s Guide

OKVIP corporate culture has created a professional environment and a strong corporation like today. So the formation process of the OKVIP alliance, what are the accompanying core ideological values? Join us today to see the top criteria at Asia’s No. 1 entertainment group.

OKVIP’s brand development journey

OKVIP Alliance is the largest entertainment and media group in the Asian market as of early 2024. Since its inception, the group has been called Taipei 101, specializing in providing online versions of entertaining video games. After 10 years of development, the alliance has grown stronger and changed its international name to OKVIP as it is today.

With a correct working motto, clear organizational structure, and high specialization, OKVIP has clearly affirmed its strength in this fiercely competitive market. To do that, OKVIP corporate culture is one of the most important factors in shaping and steering the corporation.

Introducing and generalizing OKVIP corporate culture

The core ideological value system of OKVIP corporate culture

With the mission of bringing satisfaction to customers’ entertainment experiences, OKVIP has built a set of corporate cultural values.OKVIP core. These factors have contributed significantly to the current success of the alliance and are constantly praised by all parties and the user and employee community.

Human input factor

A complete corporate culture starts from building human roots. Members of our alliance when possible recruitment Everyone in the corporation complies with appropriate behavior according to the standards of beliefs and values ​​set forth by leaders at all levels. These regulations and principles make communication at work more optimal and gain the highest consensus on community. This has created an efficient, energetic culture and become a community with a purpose in mind.

OKVIP business philosophy

Not only is it a powerful multinational corporation, the OKVIP alliance is also known as a leading address in the entertainment and media industry. Our mission is not only to provide top entertainment but also to be a place for unique, quality experiences. Therefore, we refine and invest heavily in the platforms and put in place rigorous tests before releasing them to the public. Each product is evaluated through many different factors to provide the best finished product to serve customers.

Training and developing

Developing and going up steadily

Coming to our group, candidates will experience the best things. It’s not just a matter of employment or corporate cultureOKVIP Focus on respect, fairness and increase efficiency through high quality training courses. Many training courses will be provided so that employees have extensive knowledge about aspects of their work. From there, the tasks will become simpler.

Not only that, with the slogan “Embracing the challenge of creating a career”, the alliance has deeply expressed the desire for innovation and expansion of the group’s employees. Welfare regimes are promoted to promote good service for the wishes of all employees.

Work environment

With its growth, OKVIP has built an extremely effective working space with a lot of creativity. The new, dynamic working environment along with the entertainment campus right inside the corporation will bring quick recovery after every tiring working hour. Not only that, the full comfort of facilities is also emphasized to ensure that employees do not feel stressed or bored.

Community service

Contribution to society and community

Business development will come with great responsibilities to the community. OKVIP corporate culture has systematically built criteria and offered many practical community support activities.

Every year, a small portion of profits will be deducted for the purpose of contributing to society, improving people’s lives and helping children in their future education. These collaborations clearly demonstrate the desire to make Vietnam better and stronger.


OKVIP corporate culture is one of the attractions not to be missed when it comes to Asia’s leading entertainment group. Hopefully, through this article, readers will have a clearer view of our brand and choose a trustworthy place to consign to.

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